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Accommodation: Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living SIL 24/7

Elohim supports people with profound and multiple disabilities to live independently.


Perhaps the most crucial decision of anyone’s life is deciding where to live. Elohim helps participants find, set up and make a smooth transition to their new home, so they can start enjoying their independence!

24/7 SIL:

24/7 Supported Independent Living gives participants the opportunity to live independently but with the support they need. Participants enjoy the privacy of their own bedroom which they can arrange and decorate to express their own individual style! They’ll also have access to shared spaces such as kitchens, living and dining areas where they can meet other residents with similar interests to their own.

Specialised Staff:

Complex care participants are looked after by highly-trained staff with the right skills and abilities to meet their needs. These staff members use their strong interpersonal communication skills to establish trust and rapport in order to nurture strong on-going relationships.

Personalised Care plans:

At Elohim we always work closely with families, carers and invested parties to really get to know participants and understand their needs on a deeper level. We then create personalised care plans that meet those needs, goals and aspirations.

Why Choose Accommodation With Us?

  • Support from highly qualified, experienced staff
  • Relaxed and safe
  • Residents chosen for compatibility
  • Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom
  • Convenient to all local facilities i.e. shops, hospitals and transport
Start your journey to independence with Elohim – We’re with you every step of the way!