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Social and Community Participation

At Elohim, we make it happen!

  • Playing (Enjoying the beach)
  • Having Fun (Outdoor activities)
  • Fishing (Organised outings)
  • Gardening (Do what you love)
  • Hiking and Walking (Working with your abilities)
  • Walk the dog (Short outings can make a big difference)
  • Bowling (Do something you haven’t done before)
  • Community Events (Get involved)
  • Fresh Air (A walk in the park)
  • BBQs and Picnics (Enjoy meals in different places)
  • Attend a Class (Join in and try something new)
  • Let’s have a coffee (Get out and about)

Feel connected!

Feeling connected is a core human need and at Elohim, we make sure participants make the connections that are important to them!

Our team members work closely with participants to really understand their needs, interests and aspirations. Participants get the opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful activities that bring joy, rewards and satisfaction to their lives; whether that’s staying connected with families, friends and the local community or hobbies, interests, classes, study and more!

Individual and Group-based Activities

The Elohim team can provide individual and group-based activities.

Group-based activities are great for participants who want to broaden their social connections and examples include:-

  • Participating in the local bowling league.
  • Group trips to the cinema, theatre or sporting events
  • Attending recreational events such as painting classes, yoga or dance
  • Attending BBQs and picnics with other participants
Elohim also provides support on an individual basis, at home, or in the community, with the aim of helping participants:-
  • Try new activities and learn fun and exciting skills
  • Pursue hobbies and interests
  • Visit clubs or attend church services
  • Attend classes, study, improve employment skills
  • Make new friends and be assisted to spend time with family and friends
  • Keep fit and active with the exercise of their choice
  • Get involved in the community with outings to local parks, art galleries, museums, cinemas and theatres
  • Go shopping
  • Learn new skills to become more independent
  • Attend appointments and day centres
The team at Elohim organise transportation and accompany participants, as well as offering any personal support that is required during these outings and activities.